Team Meetings
for the AI era

real-time meeting notes, task detection, meeting recaps, and the ability to introspect with LLM chat as the meeting happens

An assistant that takes real-time notes, generates slides, and logs action items

Groupthink offers web and mobile video conferencing, or joins your Meet, Teams, or Zoom calls

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Groupthink joins your conference like anyone else and displays a presentation as its video feed, updated with your conversation in real time.

Your meeting agenda is built automatically, and you can add new agenda items at any time. Groupthink adds notes as the conversation progresses.

Stay informed and discover meeting summaries across your organization

Shared meeting summaries allow anyone in the organization to see what's happening, both in their own meetings and in discoverable meetings across the organization.

The meeting feed shows summaries from meetings across your organization.

Send summaries to Slack and stay informed without attending the meeting.

Your Data is Yours

Neither Groupthink nor our AI providers use your data for training purposes. Your data is yours, and is never shared with anyone outside of your organization.

If you're looking for even more security, email us to learn more about enterprise solutions that use your own hosted LLM API to power your Groupthink meetings.

Meeting summaries and notes are shared automatically

Summaries are shared with everyone invited to the meeting, even if they were unable to attend. No more asking for notes or wondering what happened.

How it Works

It's AI, we use LLMs from OpenAI and others to transcribe and take notes, no humans listen to your meetings.

Well... except for whoever you ask to actually come to the meeting.

1. Connect Your Calendar

Groupthink creates agendas & notes for every meeting you host, then invites all attendees to contribute ahead of time.

2. Have a Meeting

Groupthink joins your Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom call, takes amazing notes, and automatically generates a summary of decisions and assigned action items.

3. Summaries are Shared Automatically

Anyone who follows the meeting is informed with the meeting summary, and anyone in your org can see recaps of shareable meetings.

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Easily Prepare for Meetings you Host

Groupthink transforms the way you prepare for your remote meetings with a simple and powerful agenda. Add agenda items ahead of time, or let Groupthink add new agenda items as the conversation progresses.

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Keep Everyone Informed Afterwards

Groupthink provides automated meeting recaps promptly once your meeting ends. With summaries, decisions, and next steps all in one place, your team can continue focusing on key tasks without delay - even if they didn't attend the meeting.

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Get Notes Anywhere with Groupthink for Mobile

Streamline your meeting management right from your phone.

$0 / month

Groupthink is Free. Seriously.

We're working hard to find the best ways to improve the way remote teams host meetings. Agendas and notes are just the beginning, so these features are completely free.

Unlimited users, meetings, and agendas. Just promise you'll have better meetings.

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Remember, your data is yours, and is not used to train AI models.