Make meetings more productive.

Get to the most important items and reduce time spent in meetings with Groupthink.

VI is Your Assistant Who Keeps Meetings Moving

VI helps you and your team prepare great agendas and provides instant meeting recaps so you and your team can focus on next steps faster.

Before the meeting...

Contribute to the Agenda

VI messages attendees with reminders to collaborate and address items on the agenda.

VI at Groupthink
to Jonathan & 6 more

Tomorrow's Weekly Retro Agenda

Hey all - the Weekly Retro agenda is updated for tomorrow's meeting.

Please review the FYIs and add anything you'd like to cover with the entire team!


No Agenda Items?

VI suggests moving or canceling the meeting when no agenda items have been added.

VI at Groupthink
to Jonathan & 6 more

Weekly Retro Agenda

Hey all - there are a few FYIs and TODOs on the Weekly Retro Agenda, but no discussion items.

Please add any agenda items you'd like to cover, or consider canceling the meeting.


Ensure All Attendees See the Agenda

VI adds everyone on the calendar event to the agenda and notifies them ahead of time.

VI at Groupthink
to Paul

New: Weekly Retro Agenda

Paul - you're invited to the Weekly Retro meeting tomorrow at 10:30am.

Please review the agenda and add any agenda items you'd like to cover.

- VI


During the meeting...

Take Great Notes with Freeform Agenda Items

Write anything you want, formatted however you want. Agendas are lightly structured and incredibly flexible.


Assign, Acknowledge, & Mark Complete

New items move to the top of the agenda and completed items are archived automatically when the meeting is finished.

Chat With the Team & VI Simultaneously

Your team can chat with VI and each other to get answers to questions, and VI will help you move the meeting forward.

After the meeting...

Receive an Automated Meeting Recap

VI sends a recap of the meeting to everyone on the agenda, including individuals who didn't attend.

VI at Groupthink
to Jonathan

Recap: Weekly Retro Agenda

Today we discussed the following items...


AI-Powered Meeting Agendas

Groupthink is designed to make meetings more efficient and productive.

Realtime Editable Agendas

Freeform Agenda Items

Unlimited Agendas

Agenda Item Task & Assignment

Unlimited Users

Organization-level Permissions

Google Calendar Integration

Automated Agenda Reminders

ChatGPT Built In

Team Collaboration through Chat

Automatic Summarized Recaps

Your 1:1 With VI

ChatGPT-powered AI that is always available for a 1:1

VI searches the web and business data to provide personalized responses in real-time so your entire team can stay focused on tasks, projects, and goals. VI is always available in your 1:1 agenda to answer questions and help you stay on track.