How efficient are your remote meetings?

Groupthink takes the notes so you can end meetings sooner and get back to living your life

“Whelp, that meeting could've been an email.”
- You, earlier this week. And yesterday. And probably today.

We automatically take notes, detect actions, and send recaps

Groupthink summarizes conversations in Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams calls.

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Touch any grass lately?

Groupthink can assist, in just 3 easy steps:

1. Prepare

Fill in the agenda... and then head outside

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2. Host

Start the conference call... and take off your shoes

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3. Recap

Be present and pay attention... while wiggling your toes

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Prepare for
Meetings Easily

Groupthink transforms the way you prepare for your remote meetings through interactive and efficient collaboration.

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Catch Up In Minutes

Groupthink provides automated meeting recaps promptly once your meeting ends. With summaries, decisions, and next steps all in one place, your team can continue focusing on key tasks without delay - even if they didn’t attend the meeting.

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“I hate being tied to this desk”

Work happens everywhere. Groupthink is designed to work with you wherever you are. Every Agenda is completely editable in a mobile browser, and native iOS and Android apps let you prepare, host, and recap a meeting from anywhere.

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Groupthink is Free

Groupthink is new, and we're working hard to find the best ways to improve the way remote teams operate. We're offering Groupthink for free while we're in this learning phase.

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