Create & Share Agendas

Groupthink Agendas ensure that every meeting has a clear purpose and structure. Whether you're automating the process or crafting a custom agenda, sharing it with participants is straightforward. This guide will walk you through creating and sharing agendas seamlessly.

  1. Craft detailed agendas for your meetings, either manually or automatically.
  2. Share your agendas with attendees effortlessly, ensuring everyone is prepared and on the same page.
  3. Invite new users to Groupthink through the sharing process, expanding your collaborative network.

Creating Agendas

Automatic Agenda Creation

  • With a connected Google Calendar, agendas can be generated automatically based on your preferences.

Manual Agenda Creation

  • Navigate to the agendas page within your Groupthink account.
  • Click on "Create Agenda" to start crafting your custom agenda.

Sharing Agendas

Automatic Sharing with Event Attendees

  • If your agenda is attached to a calendar event, it will be shared automatically with all listed attendees.
  • This sharing applies regardless of the attendee's acceptance status for the event.

Manual Sharing via the Agenda Interface

  • Open the specific agenda you wish to share.
  • Click on "Share" located at the top of the agenda.
  • In the share form that appears, type in the email address of the person you want to share the agenda with.

Sharing via Assignee Field on Agenda Items

  • Within an agenda, navigate to the Assignee field of any agenda item.
  • Type in the email address of the individual you wish to share the agenda with.
    • If the email belongs to an existing Groupthink user, they will be added to the agenda immediately.
    • If the email is not associated with a Groupthink account, a new account will be created for that individual. They will receive an email invitation to join Groupthink and access the shared agenda.