Ending a Meeting

Concluding your meeting efficiently is crucial for maintaining the momentum of your discussions and ensuring that all participants leave with a clear understanding of the outcomes. Groupthink offers intuitive features to help you wrap up your virtual meetings seamlessly.

  1. Meetings may conclude automatically or manually, based on your preferences.
  2. Discussed Agenda items are automatically archived and included in the meeting Recap for future reference.
  3. A comprehensive recap of your meeting, including detailed notes and a full transcript, is automatically generated after every meeting.

Automatic Meeting Conclusion

Inactivity-Based Ending

  • Groupthink will automatically end the meeting after 10 minutes of no activity in the conference.
  • This feature applies to meetings where no participants ever joined, as well as meetings where all participants have left.

Manually Ending the Meeting

Access the Agenda Sidebar

  • Navigate to the Groupthink agenda associated with your ongoing meeting.

End the Meeting

  • Click on "End Meeting" within the Agenda sidebar.
  • This action will prompt the Groupthink bot to leave the Teams, Meet, or Zoom conference immediately.

Post-Meeting Actions

Archiving Completed Agenda Items

  • Once the meeting concludes, all agenda items that were marked as complete (by checking the box next to the item) will be archived automatically.
  • Archived items can be accessed later for reference, ensuring that you retain a record of all completed discussions.

Receiving a Meeting Recap

  • After the meeting ends, Groupthink will generate a detailed recap.
  • This recap will cover the discussion points of each agenda item, providing notes for every item discussed.
  • Additionally, a complete transcript of the call will be included, ensuring that you have a comprehensive record of the entire meeting.
  • A link to the recap, along with a brief summary, will be emailed to everyone attached to the Agenda, even if they didn't participate in the meeting.