Create GitHub Issues from an Agenda

Groupthink's GitHub integration offers a seamless experience for translating your meeting agenda items directly into actionable GitHub issues. Gone are the days of copying and pasting, or transcribing your notes post-meeting. Instead, take advantage of this integration to save time and ensure that important tasks are immediately documented and actionable.

  • Reduce the need to switch between platforms, making the creation of GitHub issues from your meeting's agenda a breeze.
  • Minimize the risk of misinterpreting or forgetting to transfer action items from your meetings.
  • Provide a direct link back to the original agenda for context, ensuring that everyone involved can understand the genesis and intent of the GitHub issue.

Configure the GitHub Integration

  1. Choose an Agenda
    • Start by opening the agenda where you wish to integrate with GitHub.
    • Click the three-dot options menu located at the top right corner of the agenda.
  2. Setup the Integration
    • Click on "Configure Github Integration" from the dropdown menu.
    • A new window or pane will appear, prompting you for the GitHub repo's URL.
    • Ensure that the URL you provide is the root of the repository (e.g.,

Create GitHub Issues from an Agenda

  1. Select the Agenda Item
    • Navigate to the specific agenda item you wish to convert into a GitHub issue.
    • Highlight the desired text within the agenda item that you want to transfer.
  2. Create the GitHub Issue
    • Upon highlighting the text, a menu will pop up above the highlighted section.
    • Click on the GitHub logo within this menu. This action will direct you to a new GitHub issue page.
  3. Finalize the Issue
    • On the GitHub issue page, you'll find the body of the issue pre-filled with the text you selected.
    • A link back to the original agenda in Groupthink will also be provided for reference.
    • Add any additional information, assignees, labels, or tags as you usually would with any GitHub issue.
    • Once you're satisfied, click “Submit” to create the new issue.

Interactive Demo