Integrate Groupthink into Your Zoom Calls

Groupthink is designed to seamlessly integrate into your virtual meetings, ensuring that every discussion is documented and actionable. Whether you're scheduling a meeting in advance or hosting an impromptu session, Groupthink can be added to your Zoom calls in two simple ways.

  • Enhance your meetings with real-time note-taking.
  • Ensure that every participant is on the same page with automatically generated slides.
  • Reduce the need for post-meeting summaries and manual note-taking.

Automatic Calendar Integration

Link Your Calendar

  • Connect your Google Calendar with Groupthink.
  • Ensure that your Teams, Meet, or Zoom conferencing details are included in the calendar event.
  • Groupthink will automatically detect the upcoming meeting and prepare to join.

Start Your Meeting

  • As your meeting begins, Groupthink will automatically join the call.
  • The Groupthink bot will document the conversation, creating real-time notes and slides visible to all participants.

Manually Add Zoom to an Impromptu Meeting

Access the Agenda

  • Open the Groupthink agenda you wish to use for the meeting.
  • Click on "Start Impromptu Meeting" in the Agenda sidebar.

Provide Meeting Details

  • Paste the URL for your Teams, Meet, or Zoom call into the provided field.
  • Click "Join Meeting".
  • The Groupthink bot may request to join the call. Ensure you accept this request to enable real-time documentation.

Experience Enhanced Meetings

  • As the discussion progresses, Groupthink will actively document key points.
  • Participants will see a continuously updating slide with the latest notes, ensuring everyone remains engaged and informed.

Using Groupthink with Zoom

Groupthink will use the audio from your zoom call to take notes on what is being discussed. Notes are only available to you, and anyone you have added to the Agenda, or anyone Groupthink has added to the Agenda if you have connected your calendar (limited to individuals who were invited to the meeting).

Groupthink will display a "slide" of the conversation summary which changes as the conversation progresses. This slide will show up as Groupthink's video feed in Zoom.

Removing Groupthink from Zoom

Groupthink does not authenticate with your Zoom account, and does not have access to your Zoom account. If you stop using Groupthink, Groupthink will no longer access your Zoom conferences.