Bug Fixes & Google Analytics

Jonathan Kressaty

Groupthink is the place to chat with VI, a GPT-powered AI that reads the internet and connects to your email, browser history, and Slack history to provide personalized responses. Invite your friends and family, collaborate on projects, and make use of Groups and Threads to organize conversations.

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Welcome new (and returning) users! For those who may be seeing this email for the first time, we are the founders of Groupthink (formerly VI) and we send this daily email with our progress.

Would you like to query Google Analytics from chat?

We’re thinking about building a “headless” way for you to interact with SaaS tools that you use to do your job, and one that’s near and dear to our hearts is Google Analytics. 

How would you talk to @vi if you knew they could answer questions about the data in your Google Analytics account?

Some prompts we’re thinking of could be:

  • “@VI how many visitors are on the site right now?”
  • “@VI how many visitors did we have last month?”
  • “@VI how many visitors from xyzwebsite.com in the past month?”
  • “@VI how many more visitors this October than last October?”

What else would you ask if VI had this skill? Write back to this email and let us know!

What’s New

  • You can now send anyone to the front page of https://groupthink.ai to sign up
  • Improved error message on bad sign-in
  • Adds a token endpoint for mobile (yes we have a mobile app coming!)
  • The Message Composer box now sends message on enter, and creates a new line when enter and any of ctrl/alt/option/command are pressed

What’s Next

  • Mobile app (please reply if you’d like to be an early tester on iOS)
  • Migration of Google Chrome extension from VI to Groupthink
  • Permissions management for users and organizations
  • Improvements to message read state (so you can jump to most recent unread)
  • Still working on visual cues around new messages – similar to the way some chat apps will show a thread in bold when you have unread messages