Feature Preview: Meeting Agendas

Jonathan Kressaty

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Feature Preview: Meeting Agendas

We’re moving quickly to get some new features shipped, and wanted to give you all a sneak of Meeting Agendas!

As a reminder, we believe that a group collaborating with an assistant like VI can produce some incredible improvements in quality and efficiency. In real life, we think a great way to apply this is to make meetings better.

To implement this we’re introducing a new “canvas” next to your chat with VI – essentially a place for your team to collaborate with VI on a written document.

  • Agendas are next to your group chat, which still includes VI
  • Agendas are text documents with a small amount of structure, just to separate and assign agenda items
  • Write anything you want in an agenda item – there’s no predetermined structure
  • VI can read the entire agenda, including completed items from the past, and use the entire document to give you great answers to questions

.A lot of this may change, but we’d love your feedback in the meantime!

Startups are really hard. Happy Friday!