Finding Great Articles About AI is Really Hard

Jonathan Kressaty

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AI Ecosystem Must-Reads

I intended on having more “must-reads” today. It’s the end of the week, and we’ve got a pretty big list of articles for consideration. 

The problem is… most of them aren’t good. If they do pass our “can I get through the entire article without being bored” test (and most didn’t), I find that they’re often rambling, unopinionated blocks of words with no real takeaway. Many of the articles turn into a list of complaints about how “wrong” the “AI” is when answering questions, and the authors often draw conclusions that… aren’t found in facts.

Essentially, lots of these posts read like mediocre ChatGPT responses.

This is all totally ok, and honestly, expected. It’s new tech! It’s sexy as hell! It’s unbelievable! And the tech will improve, and we’ll keep building better stuff, and there will be lots of mistakes along the way. 

But it makes it difficult to recommend posts for y’all to read. So here are two that I enjoyed and which I felt made me a bit smarter.

Ben Thompson at Stratechery is on his fourth consecutive day of writing about AI/ChatGPT/Bing, and as I typically enjoy his writing and opinions, that’s a pretty good signal. At the very end he makes a point that, while I agree with, is difficult to fathom given the current buzz around “AI”.

“This technology does not feel like a better search. It feels like something entirely new — the movie Her manifested in chat form — and I’m not sure if we are ready for it. It also feels like something that any big company will run away from, including Microsoft and Google.” 

Adi Robertson at The Verge has what I think is the best overview of the US Supreme Court’s upcoming consideration of Section 230 and the potential ramifications to AI-powered search engines. I’m not going to even try and summarize any of this one (which, if you read this article, you’ll probably find pretty funny).

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!