Groupthink Adds New Team Members

Jonathan Kressaty

Welcome new (and returning) users!

For those who are seeing this for the first time, we send a daily email with updates on our progress and this is the 17th update. You can reply directly to this message to discuss ways VI can improve with the founders, and we hope you do!

Groupthink is where you and your friends can chat with VI (Virtual Interface), a GPT-powered chat bot that reads the internet and connects to sources like your email, browser history, and Slack history to learn more about your context and personalize its responses.

ICYMI: the time has come for Groupthink

We will port your VI account over in the next few days, To use the newest iteration of VI in a group without waiting, please sign up again at 

Our GPT-powered AI chat allows you and your friends, family, team, or anyone else to collaborate on any type of project. Sign up now to join the conversation and explore the Groups and Threads feature. Reply to this email with any issues, questions, ideas, suggestions, and screenshots of cool conversations. We look forward to hearing from you!

Watch a quick product walkthrough and Q&A we did with the team this afternoon:

Groupthink is Growing

We’ve signed contracts with 3 engineers to join the team so we can ship more, faster:

If you’re excited about the intersection between AI and work productivity, group dynamics, product management, and teams at work we want to talk to you. We are hiring (our jobs page is still on Firstparty but it will be moved soon – pivoting involves many unsexy tasks) and even if you don’t see a role listed (like designer for example) if what we are doing excites you please reply to this email. We’re open to part-time and contract folks as well as full-time team members.