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Jonathan Kressaty

Groupthink is the place to chat with VI, a GPT-powered AI that reads the internet and connects to your email, browser history, and Slack history to provide personalized responses. Invite your friends and family, collaborate on projects, and make use of Groups and Threads to organize conversations.

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Welcome new (and returning) users! For those who may be seeing this email for the first time, we are the founders of Groupthink and we send this daily email with our progress.

Groupthink Skills

I am excited to share an awesome thing we’re going to build to make Groupthink useful and not just another chat bot: Skills. This is the unlock that helps anyone quickly get unique value by pre-prompting a huge amount of domain knowledge (e.g. how to run a meeting) and then add their own unique details and context.

How this works in reality is that we begin to offer opinionated workflows. Similar to what we do with Research as the core skill today, we want to offer other ways to take the interactions you’re having in a group and begin to orient them toward solving real business problems.

The more Groupthink understands about the roles and goals of the people who use, the smarter it can be about recommending content, structure, process and more. A Skill encapsulates a recurring high-level work task that includes a set of complex steps the user must complete. The language model can support the user by considering their context, preferences, and other information to speed up the process.

We’re building out a roadmap of skills, starting with a refinement of our existing Research capabilities and soon adding Meeting Agendas. If you’d like to talk to us about either of these workflows, or suggest others for us to consider, please reply to this email!