Small Upcoming Improvements

Jonathan Kressaty

Welcome new (and returning) users!

For those who are seeing this for the first time, we send a daily email with updates on our progress and this is the 14th update. You can reply directly to this message to discuss ways VI can improve with the founders, and we hope you do!

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VI (Virtual Interface) is a 22-day-old chat bot that reads the internet and connects to sources like your email, browser history, and Slack history to learn more about your context and personalize its responses.

Improving the Chat Experience

Let’s face it – sometimes working with Vi is super annoying, especially when you start generating a lot of messages. We know it, and we’re going to improve it!

We’ve been working on some small tweaks to the chat interface that should make reading messages easier. Avatars, better formatting, and an easier button to click for feedback are all coming soon.

More Prominent Attribution

We’ve heard from a lot of you that VI’s citations are incredibly useful, and we’re working on making any “evidence” presented with an answer more obvious and easier to access. Have an idea here? Let us know!

Improved Scrolling

As threads get longer, scrolling becomes a challenge. Soon you’ll see a “New Messages” link which will take you to the bottom of a thread. Additionally, if you’re reviewing a conversation and a response comes in, you won’t be auto-scrolled to the bottom.

Better Feedback Mechanism

Feedback is going to be moved to a modal, along with the ability to provide written feedback that may help add context to a sub-par response.