Stay Informed With the Groupthink Meeting Feed

Jonathan Kressaty

The Meeting Feed Makes You and Your Team More Informed

Today we’re excited to announce the next step in this journey with Groupthink’s new Meeting Feed. This real-time stream of meeting summaries allows team members to stay informed without attending more and more meetings.

Think of it as a highlight reel of the most crucial discussions and decisions. Whether a team member missed a meeting due to a conflicting commitment or they weren’t a necessary participant, they can quickly catch up without reading a lengthy transcript or watching a dry recording. This reduces the need for follow-up meetings and empowers teams with the information they need, when they need it.

Great Managers Are Informed & Accountable – Just Like Their Teams

Effective communication within a team is more than just a conduit for information—it’s the foundation upon which trust, collaboration, and innovation are built. For managers, the dual responsibilities of keeping their teams informed and holding them accountable are paramount.

An informed team is not only more efficient but also more engaged. They understand the broader objectives, see where their contributions fit into the larger picture, and can anticipate and navigate challenges with agility.

On the other hand, accountability ensures that every team member is clear about their roles, responsibilities, and the expectations set for them. It cultivates a sense of ownership and commitment, driving individuals to deliver their best.

Reduce Meeting Fatigue by Automating Meeting Notes

The sheer volume of meetings can be overwhelming in the modern workplace. Meetings are essential for collaboration and decision-making, but attending too many can lead to fatigue, reduced productivity, and the infamous “meeting for the sake of a meeting” syndrome.

Groupthink’s approach to making meeting notes collaborative is designed to prevent these issues. Groupthink ensures that the core insights and decisions from every meeting are captured with precision. Managers and team members no longer need to sift through lengthy transcripts or rely on memory. Every detail, from key discussion points to action items, is documented and made accessible.

Make Meeting Notes Transparent… Within Reason

Strategic transparency ensures that relevant information is accessible to those who need it, creating an environment where actions and decisions are visible to stakeholders. This controlled visibility not only promotes trust but also holds individuals and teams accountable. Their discoverable contributions and outcomes are able to keep others informed within the defined boundaries.

Agendas, meetings, and notes in Groupthink follow a permissions pattern similar to the documents tools you’re already familiar with. Each agenda and meeting can be configured with the following permissions:

  • only allow access to specific individuals
  • allow anyone within the organization to read the agenda and meeting notes
  • allow anyone within the organization to edit the agenda and see meeting notes

Review Information at the Personal & Organization Level

The Personal and Organization-level feeds in Groupthink serve distinct yet complementary purposes, tailored to individual and collective needs.

The Personal feed is a curated stream of meeting summaries specific to an individual, ensuring they remain informed about discussions they’ve been a part of or are relevant to their role. It’s a focused tool that allows users to quickly catch up on their meetings, ensuring they never miss a critical detail. The Personal feed contains summaries of all meetings the user was invited to, as well as any meetings viewable within the organization that they’ve elected to “observe.” Think of it as the list of posts in a social network from people you follow – it’s your own curated information feed.

The Organization-level feed provides a broader view, showcasing summaries from meetings across the organization that are viewable by organization members. This feed is invaluable for managers and team leads, offering insights into different team discussions, fostering cross-departmental alignment, and promoting transparency within the organization. Think of the organization feed like the algorithmic list of posts in a social network – it surfaces information you likely care about but don’t have time to constantly seek out.

Together, these feeds ensure that both individuals and teams have the information they need at their fingertips, optimizing communication and collaboration.

Groupthink Makes Meetings More Useful for Everyone

In a world where time is a premium, Groupthink ensures that teams can reclaim precious hours, focusing on execution rather than endless meetings. Through these features, Groupthink is redefining the way teams communicate, ensuring that staying informed and accountable is effortless and efficient.

The meeting feed is live in your Groupthink account. Don’t have a Groupthink account? Sign up for free right now.