VI Learns From Email

Jonathan Kressaty

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VI is like ChatGPT, but VI can read the internet… and your email! 

Yup! VI can search, summarize, and answer questions based on your email. We think it’s pretty cool because email has so much context about our work, contacts, and style of communication that can train VI to provide even more rich and personalized responses.

Here’s a simple example of what VI can do with email data as part of its corpus:

Want to try VI’s Gmail Integration?

We’re manually granting access for VI to read your Gmail account, and we’d love for you to try it out.

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Right now we are manually provisioning and have ~80 spots left. Gmail access will be generally available after we will go through the Google approval process, but for now we are keeping it scrappy. 

We have the capability to read the content of emails in the database and they are not encrypted. While we don’t plan to do this, it might be necessary at some point for debugging. For now if you aren’t comfortable with this, we don’t recommend using the Gmail integration until it is a more secure and mature feature.

From You!

Shaina Rozen of Sidetone showed us how VI was able to write a concise tweet about a webpage with no additional context:

Compare this to ChatGPT’s response to the same question, which looks good at first glance, but on closer inspection reveals that the content is inferred from the URL, not actually based on the content of the page. ChatGPT also uses an incorrect Twitter handle which was again inferred from the prompt.

What’s New

  • We onboarded another engineer to the team today
  • Fixed some login bugs which we hope didn’t impact anyone
  • We’re working hard on the name. If you own a cool domain we’d happily pay $1,000 for it if it becomes the name of the product. Domain nerds heed our call!

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What’s Next

  • Slack integration is now in internal testing — please reply to this email if you’d like to join the early testing party!
  • Slack + Email = giving VI context around who you’re working with, and we are working on a lightweight CRM concept (which probably won’t look at all like Salesforce) that tracks entities and resolved them across channels. So Elle would be the same person across email, Slack, and other future connected services.
  • Homepage with better demonstration of what’s possible with VI + chat interaction signup

What else would be cool? What else do you wish VI could do?