VI News – Jan 12 2022

Jonathan Kressaty

Hello VI users! Welcome and thank you for warmly welcoming us into your DMs. VI is 4 days old today, and you are still among our first 100 users. 

This is our second daily email, where we’re sharing the journey to build a GPT-3 powered chatbot that utilizes the context that comes from your interactions. Right now VI works out of the box (even if you don’t connect to any of your accounts) and accesses the public Internet, and also supports connecting to Gmail and Chrome browser history.

VI is like ChatGPT, but VI can read the internet.

A cool feature of Vi we want you to see:

Threading your replies helps VI continue the conversation. After getting your first response to a message, click “reply” to continue the thread – VI will respond with the full context of your previous messages in that thread. 

VI is great at writing after reading! I asked VI to write some tweets about their own landing page and it answered with three tweets complete with ridiculous hashtags.

Improvements since yesterday:

  • VI is now a touch more mobile friendly! Chatting on your phone should be slightly easier and more streamlined after some UI tweaks
  • Answering a “factual” question (when was George Washington born?) will fallback on researching the answer across pages if an answer can’t be found quickly from WolframAlpha

Twitter discourse highlights / shout outs:

Thank you, and please send us your feedback… you can reply directly to this email.

Jonathan & Elle

P.S. We are hiring software engineers and a grassroots community person – shoot us an email if you’d like to chat!