VI News – Jan 17 2023

Jonathan Kressaty

Hello VI users, it’s so awesome to be back with you after the long weekend. If you’re seeing this email for the first time, welcome. If you’ve been with us for a few days longer, welcome back. This is a daily email we send to keep you updated and keep ourselves accountable for making VI better with UI improvements, new features, and a better overall experience for everyone who uses it. Your feedback is driving what we work on every day, and we are so grateful!

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VI is like ChatGPT, but VI can read the internet.

VI can tell you how it came up with its answers

Kevin Morrill used VI to do a little travel planning and answer a question that could be quite annoying to research. VI answered perfectly AND cited sources!

We are obsessed with differentiation through data sources and skills

The first thing most people ask us is “why would I use VI instead of ChatGPT?” and sometimes the fact that VI reads the Internet doesn’t totally sink in. If you’ve used ChatGPT extensively, you’ve run into responses where it says “I can’t tell you that because I can’t go online” (try asking ChatGPT for book recommendations) or just gives you the wrong answer (try asking ChatGPT “when did Queen Elizabeth die?”).

So what? Obviously OpenAI has hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal and will eventually connect ChatGPT to the live Internet. But for now, it’s different. And we want to be more different every day. That’s where additional data sources come in. Today we support Gmail and Google Chrome connections (both are opt-in) to give VI more context about what you care about, work on, think about, and how you speak.

New Today

  • We added another engineer to our team!
  • We’ve been iterating on making signup smoother
  • We’ve now spent more than $150, and got our quota raised for GPT-3 (thank you OpenAI!)

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Next Up

We’re about to cross 100 users and need a website, brand, and all that good stuff.

We are thinking about:

  • Letting VI train on Slack messages
  • Interacting with VI in Slack’s UI
  • Training VI on Zoom (and other video conferencing) transcripts
  • Letting multiple people collaborate in a chat with VI at one time
  • Connecting VI to your Apple Watch/iPhone through Apple Shortcuts

What else would be cool? What else do you wish VI could do?

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