Weekly Update – Groupthink News – March 6, 2023

Jonathan Kressaty

Groupthink is the place to chat with a GPT-powered AI that reads the internet and connects to your email, browser history, and Slack history to provide personalized responses. Invite your friends and family, collaborate on projects, and make use of Groups and Threads to organize conversations.

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Welcome new (and returning) users! For those who may be seeing this email for the first time, we are the founders of Groupthink and we send this daily email with our progress.

Tomorrow: Improving Conversations & Responses

Tomorrow we’ll ship an update to Groupthink that improves the overall chat response experience. You should start to see answers with more nuance, especially when asking for information about research or when referencing previous parts of your conversation.

We’ve accomplished this by implementing the new features OpenAI announced last week. Rather than relying on building our own chat history and experience, we can use OpenAI’s learnings from ChatGPT’s success. 

If you’re interested in more detail about how this might look, the screenshot below shows responses to an identical conversation asking about a company handbook. 

The current Groupthink software is on the left, and the update we’ll ship tomorrow is on the right – notice how the new version has an easier conversational style, extracts more details, and can provide better suggestions based on my question about KPI candidates for next quarter.

Product Updates From Last Week

  • Website is now at groupthink.com, and the chat app is at app.groupthink.com
  • Archiving a single thread in a group finishes properly
  • You’ll now automatically be redirected to your latest Group when visiting app.groupthink.com
  • Visual alignment of messages is improved 
  • The composer shift/enter situation has been refined – Enter sends the message, Shift + Enter gives a new line and inserts the new line in the exact text place of your cursor
  • The composer box maintains focus after you send a message

Happy Monday!