Welcome to VI!

Jonathan Kressaty

Hi there,

We’re reaching out because you recently signed up to try VI https://app.meetvi.lol/

THANK YOU! Seriously, this project is 3 days old and we’re just following where our creativity takes us. We’re going to write to you daily about our progress to keep ourselves accountable, and you can write back to these emails (this is not some do-not-reply BS) with your thoughts.

Some things we want you to know:

VI is like ChatGPT, but VI can read the internet. 

Btw we don’t have a front page. We literally have NOTHING other than the app because we’ve been coding non-stop and this is a really early prototype. Thank you SO MUCH for using it, and we really want your feedback.

  • VI = Virtual Interface (probably needs a better name but oh well for now)
  • Sample prompts help people be more creative. We’re going to start sharing our favorites, and if you’ve got a cool one send it in and get featured in the next email (we’ll link to your company, social profile or whatever you’d like so get crazzyyy)
  • It’s cool if you tell friends 1:1, but we do ask that you don’t share VI’s website publicly yet
    • You can bask in the glory of being early with something fun and new!
    • But really we’re just not sure it will scale yet you influencers you
  • VI gives the option to collect data from your browser and Gmail. If you’re not comfortable using those features, please don’t feel obligated.

Again thank you so much!

  • Jonathan and Elle

P.S. We are hiring software engineers and a grassroots community person – shoot us an email if you’d like to chat!