Starting a Meeting

Groupthink offers a streamlined process to initiate meetings, whether they're scheduled or impromptu. With seamless integration into your calendar events and the flexibility to start a meeting on-the-fly, Groupthink ensures that your discussions are always productive and well-documented.

  • Benefit from automatic meeting starts linked to calendar events.
  • Have the flexibility to start impromptu meetings when needed.
  • Enjoy a seamless experience with Meet, Teams, or Zoom conferences.

Automatic Meeting Start with Calendar Integration

Link Your Calendar Event

  1. Schedule your meeting using your preferred calendar application.
  2. Ensure that your Meet, Teams, or Zoom conferencing details are included in the calendar event.
  3. Groupthink will detect the upcoming meeting and get ready to join.

Meeting Commencement

  1. As the time for your scheduled meeting approaches, Groupthink will automatically join the conference a few minutes in advance.
  2. The Groupthink bot will be present to document the conversation, providing real-time notes and slides for all participants.

Starting an Impromptu Meeting

Initiate the Meeting

  1. Navigate to the Groupthink dashboard.
  2. Click on "Start Impromptu Meeting".
  3. Provide the URL for your Meet, Teams, or Zoom conference in the designated field.

Joining the Conference

  1. Once the URL is provided, Groupthink will immediately join the conference.
  2. The Groupthink bot will start documenting the discussion, ensuring that every point is captured and made available to all participants in real-time.