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Groupthink makes preparing for remote meetings easier and more efficient than ever before.

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“No clear purpose. Zero preparation. Waste of time. Last minute rush to get the agenda together. No consequences for being unprepared.”

Groupthink helps you and your team prepare for meetings without a ton of extra work.

Always Have an Agenda & Notes

Groupthink will automatically add an Agenda to every meeting you host, or even every meeting you attend. Event attendees have immediate access to the Agenda, and when your meeting starts, Groupthink will join your Zoom, Teams, or Meet conference and automatically take fantastic notes.

Always Come Prepared

Groupthink connects to your Google Calendar and shows all of your meetings in a simple schedule, so you can easily see when your meetings are and what you need to.

Define a Clear Objective

Always know what you are trying to accomplish and why. Clearly explain the purpose of a meeting by setting an explicit objective on each Agenda.

Make Meetings Drive Accountability

Anyone can add items for discussion ahead of the next meeting, and each Agenda item is assigned to a specific participant. This ensures that every item has an accountable owner in charge of that topic before, during, and after the meeting.

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Groupthink is Free. Seriously.

We're working hard to find the best ways to improve the way remote teams host meetings. Agendas and notes are just the beginning, so these features are completely free.

Unlimited users, meetings, and agendas. Just promise you'll have better meetings.

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