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“Zoned out. Distracted. Can't take notes while talking. Zero accountability. Off topic. Over time. No agenda. No action items.”

Groupthink helps you host an excellent meeting.

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Include a Dedicated Scribe

Stay in the conversation without having to take notes. The Groupthink assistant will join your Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams call automatically as if they’re a member of the team.

Document Meaningful Notes

Speaking and taking notes at the same time is really hard. Groupthink does it for you by capturing intent, decisions, and details about the conversation (in real time!) as notes, not just transcription.

Stay on Topic

Each Agenda item comes into focus as it becomes the discussion topic, making it easy to catch up if distracted or working ahead.

Groupthink also displays the current notes in the video conference, making it easy to catch up if you're distracted or working ahead.

Assign Todos (Automatically)

Groupthink keeps track of action items and key decisions and intelligently adds them to the agenda as the conversation progresses - even on completed items.

Create a GitHub Issue in One Click

Creating GitHub issues from your meeting notes is as easy as clicking a button.

Simply add your GitHub repo and Groupthink will automatically compose a new issue from any highlighted text.

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Groupthink is Free. Seriously.

We're working hard to find the best ways to improve the way remote teams host meetings. Agendas and notes are just the beginning, so these features are completely free.

Unlimited users, meetings, and agendas. Just promise you'll have better meetings.

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