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Groupthink provides automated meeting recaps promptly once your meeting ends. Summaries, decisions, and action items keep everyone informed & prepared for the next discussion - even if they missed the meeting.

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“No record of who said what. Forgot what decisions were made. Lost track of action items. Oh wow, a 57 minute recording to listen to. ”

Groupthink automates great meeting recaps.

Recap the Entire Meeting

Automated meeting recaps include a summary, discussion notes, and full transcript. Even if a participant could not attend, they can review the past meeting and stay informed.

Summarize Discussion, Prioritize Action

Easily catch up with a few sentences about the discussion, automatically generated after each meeting. Then see exactly who signed up to do the next important tasks.

Reference Detailed Notes

Don’t worry about reading (more like ignoring) a boring transcript or listening to a dry recording. Each discussed Agenda item has detailed notes available to review at any time.

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Groupthink is Free. Seriously.

We're working hard to find the best ways to improve the way remote teams host meetings. Agendas and notes are just the beginning, so these features are completely free.

Unlimited users, meetings, and agendas. Just promise you'll have better meetings.

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