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Groupthink for iOS and Android are available now.

Manage Your Meetings & Agendas

Your Calendar is still connected, your Agendas are still available. Add an Agenda to a new meeting in one tap, and see your schedule in a single glance.

Update Agendas From Anywhere

Agendas are fully editable from your phone. Add new items, edit existing items, and participate in a meeting, with or without joining the call.

Stay Informed While Mobile

Quickly review any meeting's summary, detailed notes, transcript, and recording. See exactly what was discussed, what was decided, and who is responsible.

Review Your Team's Meetings You Missed (or Skipped)

A feed of meeting recaps is available on your phone, so you can catch up on meetings you missed or skipped.

(Don't worry, we won't tell anyone.)

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Groupthink is Free. Seriously.

We're working hard to find the best ways to improve the way remote teams host meetings. Agendas and notes are just the beginning, so these features are completely free.

Unlimited users, meetings, and agendas. Just promise you'll have better meetings.

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