Integrate Groupthink into Your Teams, Meet, or Zoom Calls

Groupthink is designed to seamlessly integrate into your virtual meetings, ensuring that every discussion is documented and actionable. Whether you're scheduling a meeting in advance or hosting an impromptu session, Groupthink can be added to your Teams, Meet, or Zoom calls in two simple ways.

  • Enhance your meetings with real-time note-taking.
  • Ensure that every participant is on the same page with automatically generated slides.
  • Reduce the need for post-meeting summaries and manual note-taking.

Automatic Calendar Integration

Link Your Calendar

  • Connect your Google Calendar with Groupthink.
  • Ensure that your Teams, Meet, or Zoom conferencing details are included in the calendar event.
  • Groupthink will automatically detect the upcoming meeting and prepare to join.

Start Your Meeting

  • As your meeting begins, Groupthink will automatically join the call.
  • The Groupthink bot will document the conversation, creating real-time notes and slides visible to all participants.

Manually Add to an Impromptu Meeting

Access the Agenda

  • Open the Groupthink agenda you wish to use for the meeting.
  • Click on "Start Impromptu Meeting" in the Agenda sidebar.

Provide Meeting Details

  • Paste the URL for your Teams, Meet, or Zoom call into the provided field.
  • Click "Join Meeting".
  • The Groupthink bot may request to join the call. Ensure you accept this request to enable real-time documentation.

Experience Enhanced Meetings

  • As the discussion progresses, Groupthink will actively document key points.
  • Participants will see a continuously updating slide with the latest notes, ensuring everyone remains engaged and informed.