Send Meeting Notes Anywhere with Webhooks

Groupthink can notify external systems when your meetings start, end, and have recap notes available. This lets you easily send notes to your CRM, project management system, document system, or anywhere else you need them.

Integrate Anywhere with Zapier

Zapier supports thousands of integrations, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Asana, Google Drive, and more. You can use Zapier to send notes to any of these systems, or even to send a text message to your phone when your meeting ends.

To get started, create a new Zap in your Zapier account. For the trigger, select "Webhooks by Zapier" and choose the "Catch Hook" option. This will give you a URL that you can use to receive notifications from Groupthink.

Next, go back to Groupthink, click "Orgs" in the sidebar, click "Settings" on your Organization, then click "Webhooks & Integrations". Create a new webhook and paste the URL from Zapier into the "Webhook URL" field. You can also choose which events you want to receive notifications for.

Interactive Demo