Threads are now Marked Read/Unread

Jonathan Kressaty

Groupthink is the place to chat with VI, a GPT-powered AI that reads the internet and connects to your email, browser history, and Slack history to provide personalized responses. Invite your friends and family, collaborate on projects, and make use of Groups and Threads to organize conversations.

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Welcome new (and returning) users! For those who may be seeing this email for the first time, we are the founders of Groupthink and we send this daily email with our progress.

Groupthink Now Shows Threads You Haven’t Read

Over the last two weeks our team has been personally annoyed by the fact that you have had to click through all of your threads to see when someone has sent you a new message.

Today you’ll now notice that Groupthink displays Threads that are unread with a bold title and a small dot next to the summary:

Coming Soon: More Group Chat Improvements

Starting next week, the Groupthink team is going to stop using Slack and start exclusively using Groupthink for our day-to-day collaboration. We believe this is going to be an amazing way to dogfood the product and find all of the little tiny annoyances that we can fix to make this a great collaborative experience.

What’s New

  • Threads now display a small graphic and bold text when unread
  • We added the first version of a homepage to the website – check it out!
  • ICYMI: You can now ask Groupthink about your website performance – see how!

What’s Next

  • We’ll be working on ways to improve the overall chat experience, including seeing lists of your group members, @-mentions, and more
  • We’re starting to work on Groupthink’s ability to consume large amounts of text – think company handbooks, documentation, or entire websites of content

Have thoughts on Groupthink reading your handbook, docs, or website? Reply to this email with your thoughts, or book time to chat with the founders.