VI News – Jan 13 2022

Jonathan Kressaty

Hello again – today we’re coming to you from a real email platform.

Do us a favor – (privately) share VI with 2 of your friends or colleagues.

We’d really appreciate it if you could share the signup link below with a couple other people. We’re trying to control how many signups we get while continuing to learn from new users.

New Today

As I (Jonathan) have been working with VI myself, I’ve wanted to understand how VI was answering my questions. VI will now provide an “About This Response” link below each sent message. Messages that are 100% generated by the language model will have an extra (!) icon, signaling to you that while the response may read well, it’s likely not found in fact.

From You!

Justin Newton @ Netki sent us a message about how impressive VI’s answer to a technical legal question was after it had a chance to read a specific set of content:

“I was really impressed with this particular exchange where it originally failed, and then I pointed it towards some web content to learn more, then came back with a solid answer <that agrees with the same analysis I am hearing from lawyers on an emerging legal issue>.”

Next Up

VI can already help you find information in your browser history and email – now we’re starting to think about what other platforms may have information that helps you work smarter. If you have a request for VI to integrate with a specific platform, let us know!